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Student Tools

There are a number of technology tools available to TCNJ students and the three main ones are Google Apps, PAWS, and Canvas. These tools will become available at different times throughout your matriculation process and most can be accessed on TCNJ Today.

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(Sign in using the same username and password that was established during the admissions process. If you do not remember your username and password, you can retrieve it at Account Lookup.)

TCNJ Email Accounts (Google Apps)

TCNJ uses Google Apps to host our TCNJ email accounts. These email accounts will be created in January (for enrolled students starting in the spring) and May (for enrolled students starting in the fall). Sending email to your account is the College’s official method of communication to our students, so once created it is very important you check it regularly. Notification that your TCNJ email has been created will be sent to the email address you provided during the application process. To have access to your TCNJ email on your phone, check out this page with step-by-step instructions.

PAWS (Primary Academic Web Services)

You will be using PAWS throughout your career at TCNJ. PAWS is where you will access course descriptions, select classes for your shopping cart, find the required textbooks for your courses, process enrollments, review your academic requirements, update personal information, and review and process student account information. Once enrolled at TCNJ, you should access PAWS through the TCNJ Today webpage and not the Admissions pages. You will receive student level access to PAWS shortly after your enrollment deposit is processed by TCNJ. Check out the PAWS Help page for tutorials on how to navigate PAWS as a new TCNJ student.


Canvas is the learning management system that the College uses. This software enables professors and their students to communicate through sharing files such as the course syllabus, reading assignments, and more. Students can upload their assignments to Canvas, collaborate with others for group presentations via Google Docs, and hold video conference calls when necessary. For Canvas tutorials, check out the Canvas Guides linked here.