Deferral Requests and Frequently Asked Questions


Each year, the Office of Admissions works with a small number of students to grant deferrals due to military involvement, medical conditions, gap years, or other extenuating circumstances. The College of New Jersey is committed to working with students who believe that deferring is the best option for them at this time. For more information, please read the FAQ below.


Request a deferral »

These requests will be submitted to the director of admissions for review. Students will receive a response via email in 1-2 weeks.  If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Office at

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: How long can I defer for? 

Students can request to defer for either one semester or one year.

FAQ: Can I take classes while deferred? 

Students are allowed to take up to 2 courses per semester at another institution while deferred. However, students cannot be enrolled in a degree program at another institution (in other words, students must be visiting or non-matriculated at the other institution).

FAQ: Will I retain my scholarships / Financial Aid? 

Students will retain both their scholarship/ financial aid offers if they defer for one semester, but will be reevaluated for both if deferring for one year.  Full-year deferrals will also need to submit the FAFSA again.

FAQ: Do I still need to submit my enrollment deposit? 

Students must still submit their enrollment deposit to secure their seat in the class.

FAQ: Would I still participate in Orientation? 

Orientation sessions are offered in both the summer and the winter. Students will participate in Orientation the semester prior to matriculating.

FAQ: When is the latest that I can request a deferral? 

Deferral requests can be made through January 15th (for spring applicants) or September 1st (for fall applicants).

FAQ: Will I need to re-submit my admissions application if granted a deferral? 

Deferred students do not have to submit a new application, though they will be asked to confirm their enrollment online in the weeks leading up to their matriculation.