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TCNJ-campusWelcome to The College of New Jersey! We are thrilled that you’ve chosen to join the TCNJ community to earn your undergraduate degree and look forward to having you on campus for Orientation.

About The Day

Orientation is a one-day event set up so you can learn about all the different resources available to you as a TCNJ student, meet fellow classmates, attend a presentation by your academic department and finalize most, if not all, of your schedule. Please plan to be on campus for the entire day.

Fall 2015 Freshman Students

  • Your one-day orientation program will take place July 6-9, and students will be assigned a date based on their academic major. More details to follow in May.

Fall 2015 Transfer Students

  • Your one-day orientation program is scheduled for Tuesday, June 23, 2015. More details to follow.